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'George Garrett' to Lead Liverpool Mayday Parade!

Mayday in Liverpool will be like no other before as it will be led by a five-metre high model of George Garrett! The model, being built by Liverpool model maker brian Hanlon, will be based on when Garrett led the Liverpool contingent of the 1922 Hunger March to London, something Garrett's deals with extensively in his autobigoraphy, Ten Years On The Parish. The parade, which is supported by the Mayor's Office and the Nort-West TUC, will celebrate the launch of Ten years On The Parish by Liverpool University Press, and a chance for people to celebrate working-class life and culture, as well as give a voice to issues affecting people today, such as low-pay, benefit cuts and unemployment, in much the same way as they affected Garrett and the people of Liverpool in the 1920s and 1930s. The parade begins at Toxteth Library (assemble 12.30pm), right next to where Garrett lived on Windsor Street, and will end with a rally outside the Walker Art Gallery, where Garrett was arrested for his role in the unemployed demonstration, which becmae known as the Walker Art gallery Riots, after the demonstrators were attacked by the police in September 1921. Bring your banners!

Last modified onFriday, 21 April 2017 16:06
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