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Old Boy 'returns' to St Vincent's to Celebrate with Pupils

One of the great joys and achievements of the project is the enthusiasm we meet when spreading the word of George's incredible life. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the work with St Vincent's school in Liverpool. Several of our garretters worked over a few months with the teachers with 90 children in years 4,5 and 6. Using the archive they  encouraged the children to imagine what it was like for George as a young lad from Liverpool sailing as a stowaway to New York. To say it was a success is an understatement! The children took to it with imagination and enthusiasm, producing some wonderful written work. This culminated in the production of a book of all their efforts and a prize giving ceremony on Tuesday 8th December.
The ceremony took place at the Woman's Organization, preceded by the children reenacting the hunger March of 1921 with their own banners, walking from the school. It was great to hear them chanting "More food Dude!" among others as they walked along!  Upon arrival they were greeted by George, played wonderfully by Paul Duckworth. The ceremony itself was great fun and the feedback from the Headmaster and teachers and pupils was excellent. Thanks to the Woman's Org for hosting.Congratulations and huge kudos to Mike, Tony, Ray, Sean, Rochelle and Sue of the Garretteers for all their amazing teaching and input, and special well done and admiration for all the children for their fantastic work.
I am proud to work with such a great project that just keeps on giving!
Will Reid
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