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Subterranean Theatre: The Maurie - Rehearsals

This week the team behind the new play; Subterranean Theatre: The Maurie, held a read through and rehearsal as they work towards the opening night on June 2nd. 

Director of the play; Carl Cockram brought together the group of actors that will make up the stokers in charge of running the Mighty Scouse Boat; The Mauretania. Carl, who previously worked with Mike Morris on his last piece; Waiting for Brando, was looking forward to bringing together a great group of actors and immersing himself into the play.  

The cast features well known Merseyside actor; Paul Duckworth who appeared in Dave Kirkby's football inspired film Red and Blues: The Ballad of Dixie and Kenny, and also as Ringo Starr in Backbeat. Whilst on the stage, he has worked with both writer; Mike Morris and Carl Cockram in their show, Waiting for Brando. Paul has also been on stage in the fantastic show; Beating Berlusconi, a one man comedy; 'covering forty years, forty characters and the greatest football night ever.'
Alongside Paul Duckworth will be Joe Shipman, Nick Birkenshaw, Ben Worth and Graham Hicks. All fantastic Liverpool based actors who are looking forward to getting to grips with Subterranean Theatre: The Maurie, and beginning to understand what the life of a stoker would have been like.
As the final last minute edits to the script had been made, the cast gathered this week to start work on bringing the piece to life. A read-through was held and the actors threw themselves into their characters.
Subterranean Theatre: The Maurie is set in the engine room of The Mauretania, one of the 'huge Scouse Boats' from Cunard precursor The White Star Line. The piece explores the lives and conflicts of the Stokers, the below
the deck crew who powered the ship across the Atlantic. 
Conditions were incredibly tough and the pressure on the crew was intense. This shows clearly th
rough the plays actions, but thankfully the cast were entertained as the read the piece and laughed out loud and the interspersing comedy that Mike Morris has peppered throughout the play.
As the cast begin their intensive rehearsals, ready for opening night on June 2nd, it is set to be a fantastic piece of theatre. With such a great spacelike the Cunard, all the actors are looking forward to working in the untouched basements which so closely mirror the claustrophic and dark stokehold of The Maurie.
The play is set to be immersive as the audience will be guided around the space and see through the eyes of the actors what life was really like for a Scouse stoker in the 1920's and 1930's.
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the rehearsal process, and make sure to book your tickets quickly for the show!

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