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Welcome to the George Garrett Archive Project

The project, set up by Writing on the Wall with the backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund, celebrates and preserves the legacy of the Liverpool born writer, George Garrett (1896-1966).

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Ten Years On The Parish: The Autobiography and Letters of George Garrett

‘Garrett was all about truth. He worked hard to discover truth.
He worked harder to express it. And most of all, he lived it.
And that’s why you should read this book.’

Frank Cottrell-Boyce, from the foreword to Ten years On The Parish.

George Garrett, Merchant Seaman, writer, playwright and founder member of Liverpool’s Unity Theatre, was a radical activist and a ‘militant advocate of tolerance’ who travelled the world and wrote a series of short stories and plays that led George Orwell, who he met and gave guidance and support to in his research for ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’, to say, 'I was very greatly impressed by Garrett. Had I known before that it is he who writes under the pseudonym of Matt Low in the Adelphi (a magazine published in the 1920's and 30's) and one or two other places, I would have taken steps to meet him earlier.

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The Two Georges on The One Show!

Garrett and Orwell’s historic meeting in 1936 is to be featured on The One Show in a short film about when George Orwell met George Garrett, in February 1936 in Liverpool, when Orwell was researching The Road to Wigan Pier.

The film features Orwell’s son, Richard Blair and Garrett’s grandson, Sean Garrett, who met in Liverpool to discuss how the lives of the two writers, one, Orwell, who achieved major recognition in his lifetime, and Garrett, who achieved recognition in the late 1930s, but sank into post-war obscurity, crossed in 1936.

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Garrett and Jim Phelan’s Liverpool Home

The George Garrett Archive Project is delighted to feature an article by Andrew Lees, writer and Professor of Neurology at the National Hospital, Queen Square London, about the author Jim Phelan, who was a friend of Garrett’s, wrote about him in his autobiography, The Name’s Phelan, and based a character on Garrett in his novel, Ten a Penny People.

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The authors and the George Garrett Archive Project volunteers have spoken at conferences and events, and delivered adult education courses on Garrett’s life and work. The have also delivered courses for schools. If you are interested in booking a speaker from the George Garrett Archive Project, or having the group come to your school, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Workshops

The George Garrett Archive Project launched a series of workshops in September 2013 that explored George Garrett’s writings – short stories and plays, his involvement in Liverpool’s radical social and upheavals and his life as a Merchant Seaman, with a particular focus on his time spent in America and his involvement with the International Workers of the World (The Wobblies). Course participants gained skills in archiving and conserving Garrett’s work, and have played an active role in researching his life and bringing his work back to Liverpool for display in the newly refurbished Central Library and Records Office.

Course documents can be accessed from the main menu or links to the right.
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